3 Financial Tips For Men Getting Divorced

Some people enter a stage in their marriage where they conclude that they need to separate. For whatever reason, you and your spouse can't make it work....

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What to Expect In Civil Court

For different kinds of legal issues, people go to civil court for justice. It is our legal right, whether a person is suing or being sued, to fight for what is right in civil court....

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Divorce Tips For Parents

Divorce is as heartbreaking as it messy. No one plans for it but unfortunately many couples go through in their lifetimes. It can take an emotional toll on the victims including the divorcees, their offspring,t heir parents and the community at large....

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That is why we created Juvenile Defender.  Why do we call ourselves that?  Well, when your child you know next to nothing. As you progress you learn more and more.

At this moment you can consider yourself a juvenile when it comes to the legal system, but after you read the articles on the site. You'll be educated and more able to navigate the legal system.

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